Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Magpie Manifesto

Vicky Squid here! The League is on the verge of announcing an exciting new venture, so this is just a chance to tantalise you a little. At a recent meeting of the League, our intrepid traveler Kate spoke enthusiastically about the Vorticists exhibit she visited at the Tate Museum and their manifesto BLAST! in which they lay out the things they love and those they hate.

Naturally, after some careful consideration (and not a few Bolli-Stolis) we all decided that the League needed to have a manifesto, too -- et voilĂ !


Open your head.

Be natural.

Be fearless.

Be curious.

Be generous.

Fly with your own wings.

Speak with your true voice.

Laugh freely.

Take what you need.

Look at everything.

Relish joy.

Don't denigrate what comes easily to you.

Let the wildness of your visions intoxicate you.

Trust the secrets of your muse.

Never apologize for your truth.