Tuesday, November 3, 2009

WLoADed: Lisa Kannenberg

Here's the fabulous Lisa Kannenberg, former chair of the History and Political Science department at the College of Saint Rose, scholar and labour organiser and lynch pin of the Tuesday salon at Mahar's (AKA the best bar in the world). Lisa is a fabulous mentor to new faculty members and a fine connoisseur of not only beer but of fine foods of the region. She was the one who led me to Capital Q, the very fine BBQ place in Albany as well as telling me of the delights of Bros Tacos. Lisa took me under her wing when I arrived at Saint Rose and I have benefited mightily from her knowledge and wisdom. Hurrah for women who pass on their skills and insight!


  1. Never had the pleasure to meet Lisa...but from your commentary...me thinks she is a woman worth meeting...

  2. Well, you may well run into her sometime at Mahar's or at any of the fine food eateries in town.