Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Inspiration: Ulla Suokko

I want to celebrate my friend Ulla Suokko: she's a wonderful musician, but that's only the beginning of her many skills: musician, teacher, healer. I first saw her at the original Mythic Journeys conference. I had never seen a bass flute before and was fascinated by the sensuous curve of the instrument and the amazing way Ulla played it creating all kinds of unexpected sounds. Ulla demonstrated so many of her talents throughout the conference and we became fast friends. I find her music, storytelling and wisdom endlessly absorbing. Here are some examples of her work, though there are several other videos on her website. At Mythic Journeys:

With our friend Gerry Henkel at FinnFling:

I was lucky enough to be allowed to use some of her music from Bridge of Light on my latest book trailer: I think it fits perfectly -- of course!

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