Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is it the Ides of Women's History Month already?

A big glass of ale out there to all my sisters who happily decide what's best for them and live their lives according to their own choices.  This month just serves to remind us all that we do have choices and to perhaps think about all the people before us who have striven to give all women an equal voice. We're not be there yet in terms of total equality, but we get closer every day and we need to support each other.

(And remember, we still need submission for the next e-zine!  March 21st is the deadline....)



  1. I was looking for the "like" to click on this. we don't all have to agree, we don't all make the same choices, but we gotta respect those choices.

    "I do not wish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves."

    — Mary Wollstonecraft

  2. Amen -- and what a beautiful song! I worry about both the woman-on-woman attacks, but I also find myself deeply disturbed by the gendering of anger: why is it "bitchiness"? Men attack other men (verbally, I mean here) and the issues are examined. I don't think we should be expected to "play nice" just because we have tits.

  3. It's not the idea that we need to 'play nice' - it's the idea that women put each other down by using pejorative terms that are culturally female-oriented sexual suppositions like 'bitch', slut', whore', etc.

    Reading 'Slut: growing up feamle with a bad reputation' and it is very eye-opening to the amount of damage women can do to each other starting at an early age and it informs young men, too.

    Staging 'bitchfests' for public consumption (reality televison) is simply revolting.