Monday, September 6, 2010

Inspiration: Georgette Heyer

Fashions come and go: writers who were fêted and champagned in the past can be forgotten in later times, or remembered by only a select few. Such is the fate of the trés chic writer, Georgette Heyer. I learned of her from fellow Leaguer, K. A. Laity who tells me she in turn learned of Heyer from the ebullient Stephen Fry.

I for one take notice of anyone Mr Fry recommends.

Heyer is a delight: if you love Austen (and if you do not, pray do not speak to me) you will lover her romances, especially the gloriously witty Regencies. Are you interested more in mysteries? She's got a bunch of those as well as other mainstream works. There are so many who appreciate her unique abilities. Try reading some for yourself.

I find it inexplicable that her works have not been seized upon to capitalise on the Austen audience's eagerness for more. Yet only two of her novels have been turned into films (with little success). You can watch one on YouTube, the land of uncommercial works that people nonetheless hunger for --

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