Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now in Print: Four Play

Vicky Squid here and I'm excited to spread the news that the Women's League of Ale Drinkers has dipped our collective toe into ebook publishing. Our first tome is a modest affair -- in size only! As you may know, there's not much for the faint hearted in the scorching hot stories of Leaguer C. Margery Kempe. And just get a load of that sexy cover by our own S. L. Johnson!

Four Play: An Erotic Romance Sampler sells for just 99¢ on Amazon. As the astute Marko Punk Rock pointed out, that's less than 25¢ per story. Such a bargain! Here's the description:

An erotic romance sampler from C. Margery Kempe, author of CHASTITY FLAME, LOVE ME LIKE A REPTILE, TEXT PLAY and many more saucy tales of love. The four tales follow a variety of lovers including a pair who take an unexpected detour from the golf course, another couple who see each other for the first time in many months after their initial tryst, two old friends revealing secrets with a childhood game of truth or date, and a first meeting in the library with unexpected sizzle. Sexual content: scorching hot!

Pick yours up today and support the League. Coming soon will be our next offering, a collection of essays from the pen of Leaguer K. A. Laity entitled The Triumph of the Carpet Beetle. You will love it!