Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rip Off Artists?

My editor, Cate Sevilla, over at BitchBuzz has a bone to pick with so-called artists filling up places like Etsy now. One of my favorite quotes from her:
Obviously, artists and designers have been “borrowing” inspiration from each other for centuries, but I find it hilarious that everyone gets very angry when people like Paperchase rip off independent artists’ work and make a giant profit from it, and yet, artist and crafters on Etsy do this all of the time... Sure, artists can always claim they’ve “never seen” the bigger artist’s work before -  but how many lazer cut acrylic moustaches does this world really need?!
Read the whole article:

Here at WLoAD we believe in unique, personal visions. They won't all appeal to everyone, but each comes from an individual's imagination and represents a spark of true imagination. So when you're thinking about gifts in this holiday season, consider supporting the artists of this blog and other artists you know who won't settle for copying someone else's tired idea.

FUNK SOUL TIKI by the fabulous S. L. Johnson (of course!)


  1. Right on, Kate! I find that Etsy has really exploded with the copycat stuff in the last year - but you can still find some really great jewelry and truly handmade items.

    I think copies of Pelzmantel and Unikirja would be wonderful holiday gifts....

  2. Why, I think that's a fantastic idea :-)

    Like everything else, wading through the crap is difficult part and why recommendations are so helpful.