Thursday, November 4, 2010

TenQ: Victoria Squid

1. What name(s) do you go by?

Victoria, Vicky, Ms. Squid.

2. Where can we find your fabulous work (both online and IRL)?

In the pages of the Journal of the Women's League of Ale Drinkers, available for just 99¢!

3. What piece would you want to use for a "first impression"?

I mostly do performance pieces that are gone once they're over, so there's little tangible to show. I suppose there's always this.

4. How did you learn your skill/craft/discipline?

By slow degrees and via many mistakes and wrong turns...

5. Who/what inspires you?

Artists who refuse to fit a label or a pigeon-hole; people who refuse to live in accordance with consumer society, who make their own art, play their own songs, write their own stories and never worry if anyone else is going to give them permission to do so.

6. How do you cope with the inevitable discouraging days?

Martinis, martinis, martinis.

7. What are your goals for your work?

To be brilliant, to rule the world (not necessarily in that order).

8. What wisdom from your own experience would you pass on to other WLoAD members?

Dare much, follow no one, trust your instincts.

9. If you received a million dollar grant, how would you make use of it?

By traveling the world.

10. WLoADed stars need not actually drink ale: what's your fave bevvie?

A very dry martini -- think Sahara, Mojave -- olives on the side. Nice view of the Thames. Or a glass of Zubrowka, seemingly the official drink of the League (oh irony).


  1. Vicky, you always crack me up. Na zdrowie!

  2. You are such an inspiration, Vicky! Na zdrowie!