Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ten Q: Adrean Darce Brent

What name(s) do you go by?


Where can we find your fabulous work?

Online only for now: Cosmic Life Sketches

What piece would you want to use for a “first impression”?

“A Hammer Of An Afternoon”

How did you learn your skill/craft/discipline?

Writing – academia and corporate research
Photography – doing and formal coursework

Who inspires you?

People who stand up for justice, even if they stand alone.

How do you cope with the inevitable discouraging days?

Relax, reflect, do something different.

What are your goals for your work?

Writing – Branch out into fiction. Revision my previous limited circulation publication titled “The Brent Bulletin” into a platform of creative and conscientious work.

Photography – Create a website of images that are available for purchase.

What wisdom from your own experience would you pass on to other WLoAD members?

When an opportunity presents itself, take it – it may never come around again.

If you received a million dollar grant, how would you make use of it?

Live again (and forever) in Paris, France. Establish a salon for conversation and creativity.
Continue learning and exploring.

WLoAD stars need not actually drink ale: what’s your fave bevvie?

Here are my favorites in various drink categories:
Beer – Leffe Blonde, Leffe Brune
Wine – Red Bordeaux, Champagne
Mixed – White Russian, Kahlua Sombrero
Hot – Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino
Cold – Whole Milk, Diet Coke

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