Monday, November 8, 2010

Ten Q: Natalie Rauch

1. What name(s) do you go by?

Nat, Knit2death, Patience (for death), Hey You! Weirdy Girl!

2. Where can we find your fabulous work (both online and IRL)?



Crafty Ewe in Ticonderoga NY and Nangellini’s South Street Philadelphia (soon)

3. What piece would you want to use for a "first impression"?

Meow DelMuerte hats. I think people love the cuteness of the kitty ears and earflaps but also the novelty of the handmade buttons that decorate them.

4. How did you learn your craft?

I learned to crochet from my grandmother because I was hyperactive and had ADD. I crocheted everywhere with my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth. Doing multiple things at the same time is the only way I feel comfortable. I learned to knit later on and really put some effort into when I was in college and an insomniac. Now I can’t stop and it’s still about keeping myself busy but now also about learning to develop it into an art form.

5. Who/what inspires you?

My friends who are very creative and don’t let any hang up keep them back inspire me. My friend Regina from Crafty Ewe and Nature Buttons is what I call a real Renaissance woman and I definitely look up to her.

6. How do you cope with the inevitable discouraging days?

I scream, I kick rocks in the parking lot, I cry like a baby, and then I get over it and force myself back out again.

7. What are your goals for your work?

To keep trying new things, to teach others and most of all to teach people that anything is possible. Once you get past the mental block you can do anything you want.

8. What wisdom from your own experience would you pass on to other WLoAD members?

Just what I wrote in the previous answer… The biggest battle is getting over the things we do to ourselves mentally to hold ourselves back. You can work and be a mom, not have a lot of money but still be creative and out there doing what you love. You are amazing. I know it, now you should too.

9. If you received a million dollar grant, how would you make use of it?

Community programs for people of all ages to learn skills, education and arts. Places for people to go to practice music and get lessons from others and lots of programs for kids to learn and do these things after school.

10. WLoADed stars need not actually drink ale: what's your fave bevvie?

I live in Philly, beer is a passion here but I’m a nasty bastard without a connoisseur's limitations. I can go from an Orkney skullsplitter to Old English 40’s in a split second and Yuengling (Lager as you would order it here) goes well with Jaegermeister, Oatmeal stout is a favorite as well. When it’s not beer it's vodka and when it’s not liquor or beer (which it definitely doesn’t have to be) it’s organic ginger beer or just good, clean water.

Thank you, Natalie! You've supplied a fascinating perspective and your knitting is fabulous!


  1. Natalie, you are a hoot! What fun!

  2. Thank you so much! Hey, where can i get a copy of Pelzmantel?!

  3. You can get it from Amazon or ask your local bookstore (if you have one! :-) to order it. I hope you'll think about a contribution to the next issue and help spread the word.

  4. Sure! What are you looking for? I have been spreading the word on my facebook site for Knit2death :)

  5. btw a friend of my paid for a copy of the first issue and never received it should she just email you?

  6. Argh! Yes -- please do have her email any one of us (you know my email, right?).

    Our general topic is SEX but we're open to just about anything that's wildly creative and personal.